Colourmusic formed in 2003 on the campus of Oklahoma State University as a collaboration between Ryan Hendrix, in the process of studying for his Masters in English and Nick Turner, a British international student. The pair initially began writing with the intent of communicating the essence of color through sound. After receiving a positive response to early demos, the duo decided to add members to make live shows possible. They enlisted the help of bass player Colin Fleishacker and multi-instrumentalist and live drummer Nick Ley (Brothers Griin and The Flaming Lips). With the release of their 2019 album Swimsuit, Colourmusic will have put out four full-length studio albums including 'May You Marry Rich' (2014, Memphis Industries), 'My ______ is pink' (2011, Memphis Industries), and 'Orange' (2008, Great Society). The indie rock group are based in Oklahoma City, OK.